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Vaulting is gymnastics on horseback and combines the skills of both gymnastics and horsemanship. It provides both individual and team participation. Vaulting improves a rider's seat, balance, rhythm and coordination, as well as their confidence on the horse. Weekly vaulting lessons will provide each student with TEAM FUN, proper form, exercises, dancing, singing, gymnastics, acting, & vaulting. We will work with you, you may not be able to do all of the above but we will find what fits your personality & ability. Showing opportunities!! Beautiful costumes and lots of fun!

Uniform is a black vaulting t-shirt, black tights, water shoes, hair tied back. We know due to various reasons you may not be able to attend all classes, but we are asking for a commitment, because we will be working on routines for the many different events throughout the year.

Ask yourself "Why get involved" and I say "Why not get involved"!

Its cheap, it gets me back to the farm, it opens up opportunities for me, I meet new people, I work with great instructors, I will learn new things, I get to perform and have fun! Many students have gone on to perform at some great events, and will cherished their memories with us. The Lazee G Ranch Vaulting Team has had the opportunity to travel and perform at the London All Equine Show and many Open Houses and Public Shows. They have performed along side and opened for the Silver Stars Precision Riding team.

Lazee G Ranch: A place of opportunity!

-Member of Ontario Equestrian Federation O.E.F

-Instructors are knowledgeable and experienced and hold CPR/First Aid certificates