Welcome to the Lazee G Ranch Silver Stars Website.
The Silver Star Precision Drill Riding team is a not for profit group of young talented highly motivated riders. These great role models have excelled in their riding skills and have spent endless hours committed to their dream of becoming the very best they can be. These equestrian athletes provide quality entertainment for a variety of audience of all ages, they perform choreographed maneuvers to recognizable music. This Drill team encourages safety conscious riders, team spirit, co-operation, concentration and communication between horse and rider. The advance team members mentor the Junior teams that wish to achieve their goals becoming better riders and performers themselves. The riders are all from the Windsor Essex County area. The team currently includes riders from 11 years and up who have various amounts of riding experience. To become a member of the team, every rider must be confident, expect to work hard and must be a team player.

To learn more about the riding lessons and activites available at Lazee G Ranch, visit LazeeGRanch.ca