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Brenda Gagnon, owner of Lazee G Ranch.

A word from the owner: The hours we spend caring for and communicating with our equine friends are well worth the few hours we spend on their backs. There is nothing like the bond that exists between you and your horse when he greets you at his stall door with a friendly nicker and a warm velvet muzzle, or when he comes flying up to the pasture gate sounding a welcome greeting.

My own romance with horses began when I was a young girl. Like many other horse crazy kids, I was always thinking and reading about them. When not pretending to be one, I was sketching them or dreaming about them.

I was fortunate enough to begin riding at the age of 16. Living in town made it impossible for me to keep a horse of my own and it wasn’t until I was an adult and married that my dream of owning a horse became a reality. As my professional career accelerated, what began with one horse eventually grew into a full barn as I expanded into teaching, boarding, breeding and training my own horses and clients horses. I’ve made some mistakes and I have had a lot of on the job learning experiences. Due to my lifetime love for horses and many years of experience as a professional horsewoman I hope to have positively influenced others. I would like to sincerely welcome you and your family to my facility and hope that your time spent with my staff and I will deepen your love and respect for horses.

We have a great team of Instructors waiting to meet you all!