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2006 Shodeo.

Rodeo girl Jennie and Pony Express lady Jacquie with miniature horses Trisha and Dru.

Singer Brandi.

The Vaulting team with Buddy.

Jamie and Rascal.

Jamie mounts Rascal from the ground.

Queen of the farm Lexi prepares to start the show with Trisha.

Kids from the stands wait patiently for the show to begin.

"O Canada" is sung by Brandi as Jamie and Mocha canter by.

The bull exits the ring after bucking off his riders.

The Drill team enters next!

Dianna on Dusty and Madeline on Precious zoom past the crowd.

The Drill team cheering as they ride.

The act continues

Keep going ladies!

Joe Gagnon supervises to make sure the show runs smoothly.

The pony express arrives to make some deliveries.

Jacquie and Trisha check to see what's for lunch.

Bucking Bronco Dru takes the stage.

Trisha finds a nice spot on the ground to rest

Jacquie's sneaky little horse steals some of Jennie's picnic!

Trisha doesn't want the food to be taken away.

Facing off: "Let's have a mini-competition to find out which horse is better!"

Dancing to the music.

"Let's compete!"

Dru cheats in the rearing competition by getting help from her owner.

The cheerleaders come to the rescue to cheer Dru on after her first defeat.

A volunteer from the audience competes against Dru in the bobbing for apples contest.

An audience member races against Trisha in the cart pulling competition.

Chicken Dance.

Pretty Women act.

Strutting by the crowd.

Icky Vicky...a pretty woman??

"Which handsome man would like to ride my horse?"

Icky Vickie tries to persuade someone to ride her horse.

Icky Vicky prepares to race the pretty ladies!

The race has begun!

Audience members watch eagerly as the show continues.

Emily barrel races with Chips.

Krista and Kate on Beau and Azod.

The Vaulting team is up next!

The vaulters show off their talent.


Posing on Buddy.

Hanna flies by on Chico during the comedy drill.

Elissa rides by on Merlin making funny faces