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About Lazee G Ranch & Testimonials

Riding lesson applications available now!

2023 Summer Camp Registration is about to begin!

Our annual "Shodeo" Public Horse Show will be held on July 22nd & 23rd and it is going to be great this year we hope! The Riders along with some talented students will be performing routines on horseback in beautiful costumes that you won't want to miss seeing.

So many wonderful things happening at Lazee G Ranch and it is all due to our caring staff, great horses & volunteers! We are so thankful!

Look below for all the Opportunities!

Western & English Riding Lessons

Educational Programs

Birthday Parties

Summer Camps


Open Houses

Horse Day (Stop hunger we collect can goods)

Pony Club

Weekend Specials

Live Equestrian Performances

Horse Shows


Philosophy Statement

A place of Opportunity!

Lazee G Ranch believes that anyone interested in riding should have a safe and educational atmosphere to visit & learn.

Not all riders are Olympic material but hold a love for horses close to their heart.

A barn can be so much more than just a place to ride, it can be a place to laugh, learn, and get away from the stress of your world.

It is a place where life long friends can be made!

In time you will build and increase self-confidence and feel self satisfaction.

The staff are highly caring and passionate. A great, supportive environment and wonderful to talk to.

A wonderful place to learn and grow.

We would like to share this experience with you.

We provide opportunities for the beginner to the advance!

NO Open Trail Rides To the Public!

Brenda & Joe Gagnon

Brenda Gagnon and her husband Joe bought and built Lazee G Ranch from a empty field to what it is today. Along with their 6 children (Gerald, Heather, Joshua, Hanna, Jamie & Doria) they cleared and planted, built, cleaned stalls, trained horses, made programs and worked hard together to make Lazee G Ranch Equestrian Centre. We are very lucky to have 3 talented sons who build for a living, my oldest daughter Heather can clean better and faster than anyone, and Hanna & Jamie who participate in weekly Riding & Training Instructions since the beginning have made it all worth while. The barn was first built to house our first purchases of horses, then the house to accommodate our 6 children, then the arena and slowly the beautiful grounds with the show rings, pastures, pool, parking lot etc. you see today. Joe like his father Aldoria Gagnon shared a love for horses & ponies, he was raised with them and has lived in this area his whole life. We have often been asked how did we come up with the name Lazee G Ranch, it was Aldoria who helped name the ranch, he said "because you all work so hard your definitely not lazy" this reminds us everyday if you work hard your dreams can and will come true. With time flying by we now have 10 grandchildren being brought up with the love of horses, some of them will start competing and performing on horseback soon. It hasn't been easy, there were times when opinions on how to run the ranch were discussed and discussed, many nights staying up with sick horses, frozen water pails, frozen pipes, flooding waters, unexpected increased costs of supplies, horses, veterinary care, hay etc. But if you ask our children about Lazee G Ranch they will tell you it is their home, farm and ranch a place where they hold a special place in their heart. We are so proud.

Lazee G Ranch is a teaching facility with opportunities for recreational lessons, performing, showing & competing horses.

Disciplines & Instructors

Lazee G Ranch has a team of great instructors trained in Western & English, Drilling, Jumping & Dressage and Vaulting.

Hanna Colenutt

Hanna is one of Lazee G Ranch's most loved Instructor, she has spent many years Instructing the students and strides to get the most out of every student she works with. Hanna is a mom of 2 beautiful children and is a Full Time Paramedic. She has volunteered many hours with the Silver Stars Precision Drill Team and the Rising Star Team. Whenever there is an event scheduled she gets all the student pumped up and ready for the shows with her calming voice, encouraging manner and her faith in her student that they will do the best they can. She also continually works with the training of our wonderful horses at the ranch. We are very lucky to have such a dedicated Instructor and mentor to all of our students.

Jamie Gagnon Laing
Jamie has been Instructing most of her life, she has had a great following of students who love her feisty demeanor. She pushes hard to get the most out of her students and horses and wants her students to do well. She is strong, confident and determined and a beautiful rider herself winning many awards and ribbons over the years in many disciplines. Jamie carries her NCCP Coaching Card, and went to school in Oklahoma where she received her certification as a Farrier. Jamie is the mom of 4 lovely children.

Both young ladies are knowledgeable and have been riding and competing in various disciplines and levels their whole life. Hanna Colenutt (Gagnon) & Jamie Laing (Gagnon) have both taken their Rider levels through the Ontario Equestrian Federation.

Brenda Gagnon

Brenda Gagnon owner of Lazee G Ranch has over 20yrs working with and training horses for pleasure, and competition. Brenda has held clinics specializing in how to make a successful drill team, facility, and gives an insight on how horses think. Over the years she has attended many clinics and educational programs to better familiarize herself with new and up-coming standards, regulations and Judging. She has taught thousands of students and prides herself for creating programs that promote safe and educational instructions. She loves what she does and will continue to provide the best program possible, not only to bring along good riders but try to provide good horsemanship and the value it can bring to their lives.

It is important to note that Brenda, Hanna and Jamie work closely with the other Instructors at Lazee G Ranch. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with many great Instructors and Clinicians who have helped mold our students and our program so we could produce confident, compassionate, clear thinking Equestrians.

Many of the students from Lazee G Ranch have had the opportunity to compete at different levels of competition, from In-house shows, Off property shows, Trillium and A Circuit, and have traveled and performed in front of crowds of thousands.

The facility, coaches and students are recognized throughout the equine community for their standards, positive attitude, and commitment to the sport.


We want to thank you for the enjoyable and educational experience we have had with your ranch since September of last year. I believe that this has had a profound impact on Sarah (and us) and will continue to do so in the future. As you remember, our family is moving to London, Ontario in the next few weeks. We as a family would like to thank you again for the wonderful times and wish that you and your family and staff all the best in all your future endeavors. With warmest regards. Chris, Susan and Sarah Fox

Can't say enough about lazee G Ranch.... our daughter started at the summer camps and blossomed into a riding student at age 8. Aside from her crazy love of horses, she loved everything about the ranch and the fabulous Gagnon Family. Brenda Gagnon and her team strike the right note of safety first while challenging the rider to reach their potential. They are pros at all things equestrian-Western and English riding, precision drill, performance vaulting, dressage, jumping.... with emphasis on learning, fun and respect for the horse. Our daughter has made life long friends in her 6 years at Lazee G and we look forward to many more years to come. Marilyn Briese

I want to take a moment to Thank Brenda Gagnon and my Lazee g Ranch family for providing me with a place that I can clear my head and escape from the stresses of everyday life. The farm has truly become a lace that I can enjoy myself and live in the moment. Jamian Grant

Truly is a good place! Audra Inglis

3rd year watching my granddaughter grow and learn with Brenda and her wonderful Trainers. Valerie Atkins Read

To see all the beautiful posts from students, family and your staff truly makes me proud to have started my journey with horseback riding with you! Its so nice to see how you can give these young ladies and young men a chance to express themselves and overall enjoy the horses because that is the main goal. Congratulations on all your success and I wish you nothing but the best in the future. Thank you for being WONDERFUL neighbors. Kay Bee

Hanna is an amazing and patient teacher!!! I love those Lazee G horses, so many great memories of my girls. Kim Smallhorn

This weekend I was witness to a spectacular display of class, generosity, love and Canadian pride. I saw so many people give so much, all while raising funds and awareness to a great cause to support Bethany's Hope in defeating MLD. Yes the RCMP and SILVER STARS Riders & Vaulters & PERFORMERS were amazing in the ring, but what I"m talking about is all the parents and volunteers behind the scenes who pour their hearts and souls into these young ladies day in and day out. Their continued dedication, support and love for the team and their children is unmatched. I am proud to be part of the Lazee G family. Thank you to Brenda and Joe Gagnon for giving Lexi, Chloe, Jenn and I the opportunity of a lifetime. We chose Lazee G Ranch many years ago because we felt that you didn't just teach our girls about riding horses, but instead you taught them about respect, hard work, responsibility, caring, teamwork, and most importantly, to give back to others and to love. You have definitrly lived up to that! Also, thank you to Hanna for being such a great coach and leader. You inspire those girls to do their best but also to have fun while their doing it. You are helping to shape their lives and create memories for them, and us, that will last a lifetime. Our girls are living a dream and learning what is most important in life. I am grateful to all of you! Casey Thivierge

A fantastic and classy gesture by the RCMP presenting a plaque to our awesome coached Brenda & Hanna Gagnon in appreciation of their work in developing an amazing Silver Stars Drill Team. Mark Halbish

Katie and I have really enjoyed our time at the ranch over the past few years and there's no question that you and your staff have made a positive difference in Jada's life. Thanks for you patience over the years and we wish you continued success. Jeremy Bondy

Our girls have been riding at Lazee G Ranch for just over 5 years now and I must say this facility is top notch! Our girls have learned everything from how to take care of a horse to various riding disciplines. I would highly recommend Lazee G Ranch! Jennifer Thivierge

I think it's no coincidence that the Silver Stars Precision Drill Riding team was invited to open for the RCMP Musical Ride benefiting Bethany's Hope Foundation. All three organizations exhibit the same characteristics of perseverance, strength, loyality, service to community, elegance, discipline and teamwork. These traits promoted by the Silver Star coaches, Brenda Gagnon & Hanna Gagnon were in evidence all weekend. The crowd loved our little 'ambassadors of goodwill', the Lazee G Ranch vaulters too! Goosebumps and Happy tears the whole time. So glad we are along for the ride with Megan for all these fantastic adventures. Marilyn Briese

Absolutely love the people and all the horses. Such an amazing environment with so much positive attitude and a willingness to teach and be taught approach. Basically my second home. Trisha Pare

I just picked my little one up from Jr. wrangler camp at Lazee G ranch. My little one hasn't stop talking about the friends she made, the songs she learned, the great staff and most of all the horses. thank you Lazee G for the great day camp. Karen O Connor Nagy

Right from the beginning.... we were made to feel right at home. Brenda and her family are so warm and welcoming! We thoroughly enjoy every visit to the ranch, whether it be for a lesson, vaulting or to enjoy one of their many celebrations.. We look forward to many more years at the ranch!!! Thanks to the Gagnon family!!! Tara Varga

We learn to care for our horses. The kids know how to feed and clean stalls. We know how to spot illness and when to get help. We have wonderful connections and ground work with the horses we ride. Great job at Lazee G not creating "pampered" riders. Carrie O'Donnell

My girls were both so proud to be a part of the 2016 performance this weekend! Thank you Brenda Gagnon, Hanna Gagnon and Lazee G ranch for the opportunity of a lifetime! Trisha Crew

So thankful to have had the once in a lifetime opportunity to open for the RCMP Musical Ride this weekend with the Silver Stars Team from Lazee G Ranch. It was an honour to meet the officers and support Badges of Hope. We could not have asked for better horses, riders and coordinators, I couldn't be more proud of the team! Huge thank you to everybody that helped out this weekend, we could not have done it without you! Hannah Pratt

It has been a while since we talked, for which I apologize. I gather from facebook that all seems to be going well. I remember my days at Lazee G Ranch very well and with a happy heart. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have spent time in your family. You allowed a change in my life and attitude for which I am extremely grateful. Aswin Beck

*Annual vet check and Certified Farrier on premises.

*Winner of 2009 Can-Am Environmental Award!

*Home of the Award Winning Silver Stars Drill Team

Competing in Canada and the USA

*Member of the Ontario Equestrian Federation.

*Member of Southern Ontario Trail Riders Club

Member of Western Dressage Organization

*Over 20 years of experience training & coaching!

*Member of Essex County Hunter Jumper Association