Pony Club.

Children's Pony Club.

Lazee G Ranch is hosting Friday Night Pony Club.

Dates: Fall Season

Open to all children with or without experience. For ages 6-16.

8 hours of fun! Times 5:30-7:30

Cost:$100.00 + HST Manual is $10.00

Most children talk about horses, especially girls, how much they would love to have the opportunity to learn more. Very reasonably priced, no need to purchase anything, we have the helmets, boots, horses & ponies, movies, games, etc.

Fun Times!

Activities Include:

Crafts / Drawing / Stories & Games Night

Enjoy learning how to draw a horse with a real live animal in-font of you. Make a memorable craft to remember your time with your horse. Will include all materials needed. Let's read about the history of the horse, what they have been used for and how they still exist. Enjoy a selective number of games like Horsey Beware and Musical Horse Shoe and more.

Stall management / Saddle cleaning / Feed and Watering Night

Learn how to pick through a stall, clean the equipment that horses use daily. Feed and water and learn about the different hay and grains that horses need to survive.

Horse Sense & First Aid for Horses and Ponies / Movie Night

Learn how to take the horses temperature, clean infection areas, how to check for a sick horses and a healthy horse. Horse questionnaire & info section.

Ride & Groom Night

This last class gives you an opportunity to sit and have a ride on one of our beautiful horses. You will learn to brush, braid manes & tails, leg wrap and grooming & hoof care and how to lead your horses through a series of obstacles and end your pony club experience with a great sense of accomplishment.

No horse experience necessary, we will educate you!